About Sparrow Media

We love what we do

Our Vision

Sparrow Media is focused on designing, developing and maintaining websites that are performance and business minded. 

We strive to breed collaboration and ideas in an effort to bring out the best in your brand and online business. We don’t just want to build your website, we want to help you succeed and build your business.

Our Core Values

  • Form strong relationships with our clients, vendors, partners and employees.
  • Nurture the relationships we have formed.
  • Exceed customer expectations.
  • Provide inventive solutions.
  • Serve the community.


Frank Carentz
Our Founder

Frank, the founder and owner of Sparrow Media has been developing software and custom solutions since 1999. Frank was fascinated with the blooming internet technologies of the time and has been working with them ever since.

There are a lot of hats at Sparrow Media, not unlike any other business, and Frank wears them all. His primary responsibility is Web Development, Requirement Consulting/Assessment and Project Management. His focus is to deliver top quality products to Sparrow Media’s customers and uphold the company values and vision. 

Frank started his programming career in the banking industry (Fleet National, Bank Boston, Bank of America), automating work processes and daily redundant tasks to ultimately increase efficiency and provide savings to the bottom line. This career path came to a close when keeping the position would require relocating his family. Choosing not to relocate, Frank ended his employment in the banking industry as an Assistant Vice President.

From here, Frank made his way to a web development agency, working on a wide variety of projects. He went on to provide custom software for Carrier Corporation and Utica National Insurance as an employee of both companies. 

Immediately prior to launching Sparrow Media, Frank was the lead Software Engineer for FosterMartin Advertising, where he was in charge of devising and implementing solutions for a wide variety of clients and project scopes. 

It’s this experience that sets Sparrow Media apart from other agencies. We don’t just implement available solutions, we have the background and experience to create those solutions as well. 

While Frank loves pretty websites just as much as you, he loves attractive websites that serve a purpose, function and take the user’s experience into account. Websites that are easy to update, easy to find and fit within the client’s budget is what he strives for.

Frank was born in Barneveld, NY and currently resides in New Hartford, NY. He is the father of six young men, an avid musician and performance artist  with a love to entertain, and is constantly keeping himself busy learning or creating something.

When you work with Sparrow Media, you will most likely be speaking directly with Frank; it’s just how he insists upon doing business.